Overnight care for seniors is when a caregiver comes few hours before your parent or loved bedtime, they sleepover and are available to help a few times during the night in case your parent or loved one needs help. This ensures your parent or loved one has the care they need in the evening before going to bed - overnight care for elderly. While caring for your parent or loved one at home, you still need to sleep at night, wake up in the morning and go to work, and keep your other life responsibilities. When your parent or loved one needs supervision all day and all night, you need overnight care for seniors services. There is no doubt you want to help your aging parent or loved ones stay in their own home to age in place, but you cannot re-arrange your responsibilities especially haven your own family to think about. Overnight care can be complicated when you are managing two households. Even under the best circumstances, being an overnight attention-giver for your parent or loved one, every night can be stressful. Precedence Home Healthcare caregivers can help with overnight care for seniors services.

Overnight Care For Seniors

For overnight care for elderly, the caregiver would generally be in the home for 12 hours – perhaps 8 pm to 8 am. The caregiver would arrive and spend evening time with your parent or loved, helping with a meal preparation, light housekeeping, and preparing your parent or loved for bed.  With overnight care it is expected that your parent or loved will sleep well, only waking up perhaps once or twice a night.  In the morning the caregiver would get your parent or loved one ready for the day, prepare breakfast, help with personal care.  If your parent or loved one does not sleep well at night then it would be considered 24-hour care and this, of course, is more of a costly option as the caregiver would not sleep all night. This could then be a shorter shift to save the family some money.

Live in care is where the caregiver is with the senior all the time – there may be a three-hour break if care is available from another source.  Live in care assumes that your parent or loved one will sleep all night. 24-hour home care is where the family needs a caregiver to be awake all night.   This kind of caregiving is usually provided on shift basis where the caregivers rotate day and night so that the caregiver is alert at all times.

Overnight care for Seniors Include The Following:-

  1. Bathing
  2. Dressing and grooming
  3. Meal preparation & Nutrition
  4. Light housekeeping
  5. Companionship
  6. Medication reminders
  7. Skincare and makeup
  8. Continence care
  9. Personal hygiene
  10. Bed repositioning to prevent bed sores
  11. Transfer from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to bed
  12. Toilet help
  13. Range-of-motion aid
  14. and much more.


Precedence Home Healthcare comprehensive senior care gives peace of mind, if you need help for your parent or loved one, the first step is calling our team for a no-obligation assessment. For assessment, we come to your location to understand you and your loved one’s specific needs. We then use your needs to build a custom care plan around you. We pride ourselves on giving robust solutions that remain affordable for families.