Live in Home Caregiver Services

When your aging mom final­ly agreed to have full-time Live in home care­giv­er comes to help with bathing, dress­ing, house­keep­ing, meal prepa­ra­tion and gro­cery shop­ping. You have been ask­ing your mom to accept help for months — ever since your mom’s health issues began mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for her to stand long enough to pre­pare a meal, let alone clean the house. But your mom kept say­ing that she did not want a stranger in the house and she did not want to move from her home — Live in home care can help.

She final­ly relent­ed, how­ev­er, when she fell and land­ed in the emer­gency room with a bro­ken wrist. Although relieved that your mom will accept help, now your chal­lenge is to find a qual­i­fied, dili­gent, kind, trust­wor­thy care­giv­er with whom your mom will feel com­fort­able in her home. What is the best way to find the help she is look­ing? Prece­dence Home Health­care can help with Live in home Care­giv­er!

Live in home Care

Wor­ry­ing about the safe­ty and health of your aging par­ent or loved one at home can con­sume your thoughts, mak­ing it impos­si­ble to focus on oth­er essen­tial demands in your life. Stud­ies show that most seniors — who need long-term care live in their own home or in com­mu­ni­ty set­tings, not in nurs­ing or assist­ed liv­ing facil­i­ty. And, while as many as two-thirds of the care­givers in one nation­al study used unpaid fam­i­ly care­giv­er help, more than one-third used paid home care ser­vices. The num­ber of fam­i­lies using home care agency long-term care ser­vices in any set­ting (like in-home, assist­ed liv­ing, or in skilled nurs­ing homes) esti­mat­ed to dou­ble.

Live in home Caregiver — What type of care is available?

When your par­ent or loved one needs help with dai­ly activ­i­ties and per­son­al care, Live in home care­giv­er is your best option. Con­sid­er your own needs as a care­giv­er and the needs of your par­ent or loved the one you are car­ing for. Below are the main areas to assess:

  • Per­son­al care: Bathing, eat­ing, dress­ing, toi­let­ing, groom­ing
  • House­hold care: Cook­ing, clean­ing, laun­dry, shop­ping
  • Health­care: Med­ica­tion reminders, physician’s appoint­ments, phys­i­cal ther­a­py
  • Emo­tion­al care: Com­pan­ion­ship, mean­ing­ful activ­i­ties, con­ver­sa­tion

Prece­dence Home Health­care Live in home Care­giv­er can relieve you of some of the tasks you han­dle, free­ing you to have some time for your­self. Hav­ing trust­ed help can give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to catch up some sleep, and hang out with friends and fam­i­lies. For long-dis­tance care­givers and work­ing care­givers, Prece­dence Home Health­care care­givers can give the care and help need­ed for your par­ent and loved one when you can­not be there your­self. Inter­est­ing­ly, care­givers have found that in some instances the per­son receiv­ing care more coop­er­a­tive with some­one oth­er than the pri­ma­ry care­giv­er

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