The demands of companion care for the elderly are many and varied, and although your aging parent or loved one may be at home all day alone, typically you are not.  The daily responsibilities of work and caring for your own family often make it very difficult and stressful. Many of our parent or loved ones spend hours of hours a day alone despite the best intentions of their loved ones.  The effects, however, can be stressful as increased loneliness and lethargy can negatively affect the mental and physical health of your parent or loved one as increased guilt and frustration take their toll on you.

The most significant challenge for elderly people who live alone is not housekeeping. Going outdoors becomes more difficult as aging sets in, and the chances of isolation increase as each year passes. If they only have someone to stop in and engage in a conversation with them once or twice a week, they will still feel as though they have a link to the world. Mental stimulation has been shown to decrease the risk of seniors developing dementia. Challenging seniors with games such as scrabble, checkers, chess or bridge can keep seniors mentally alert.

The parent may very well be the age group most impacted by depression. Isolation, changes in the body and other factors all contribute to older people feeling sad and depressed. The good news is Precedence Home Healthcare companion care for the elderly services can help.

Companion Care For The Elderly

Companion care for the elderly is an option, providing a personal and present help for those times when you are just unable to be there.  Our caregivers are available to engage your loved one in meaningful conversation, to participate in enjoyable activities such as light exercise or reading, and to offer positive encouragement, personal interaction, and companionship. Precedence Home Healthcare companion care for the elderly is an emotional support for seniors who might want independent in their own home as possible and age in place. However.  Companion care for the elderly services includes services such as light housekeeping, help with household chores and medication reminders and much more makes a senior’s life easier. we also give services to seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living.

Other services can be personalized to meet the seniors needs such as:

  • Transportation services
  • Light housework
  • Attending social events
  • Medication reminders
  • Physical assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Errand services
  • Checking in with family members and providing updates

Precedence Home Healthcare comprehensive care gives peace of mind, if you need help for your loved one, the first step is calling our team for a no-obligation assessment. For assessment, we come to your location to understand you and your loved one’s specific needs. We then use your needs to build a custom care plan around you. We pride ourselves on giving robust solutions that remain affordable for families.