Many families assume that when a person grows old and infirm, that the best place for them is in a nursing facility. While this situation is sometimes inevitable, it is not always true that an older person should pack to a nursing home to see out their days. Live in care is an excellent choice for many older adults who want to be in their own homes and age in place. It might also be the best option considering where the nursing home is some distance away from family home.

Benefits Of Live In Care - One-on-one care

You will unfortunately never get this care in a nursing home where there are many patients to few staff members. Staff always rushed off their feet and seldom have time to spend with every patient. Live in care ensures that there is always someone with you 24/7. The caregiver time is to your comfort and needs. It is one on one care which offers the patient, the family peace of mind.

Benefits Of Live In Care - Companionship

Live in care means you will never need to go out on your own again or get stuck in the house, whether it be to do the shopping, see a movie or pay the bills. You have a caregiver and a friend for Bingo! If you need help when opening doors into shops, the caregiver is there for you whenever you feel out of place for eating out alone; your caregiver will keep you company.

Benefits Of Live In Care - Home Comforts

Your caregiver will be able to take care of cooking for you the type of meals that you are used to and keep your home clean and organized. If you like fresh flowers every Monday or any day in the week, the caregiver is around to put this in place. Live in care ensures your safety and comfort in your own home.

Benefits Of Live In Care - Safety and Reassurance  

Knowing that you’ve got someone there for you 24/7 can be incredibly reassuring. Falling is such a big concern due to physical and psychological implications it can have in the long-term. Indeed, it can be easy to lose our confidence after the trauma of such events, yet being able to get a breath of fresh air outside does wonder for our well-being. Live-In caregiver enables you to enjoy outings with a trusted confidante by your side, who can give a supportive shoulder to lean on.

Benefits Of Live In Care - Companionship, and Support Around The Clock

Knowing there’s always someone there for you to share in the good and the bad times can be very reassuring. The one-to-one support offered by live in caregivers is unrivaled; your assigned caregiver can keep up with your changing needs at a moment’s notice, as well as providing the encouragement needed to live your life to the fullest.