Long-Term Care Insurance

Complete Home Care Cost Coverage

Long-term health care insurance coverage repays policyholders a daily amount up to a pre-selected limit for services to help them with actions of daily living such as bathing, dressing, or eating. You can choose a selection of care solutions and added benefits that make it possible for you to get the services you need, wherever you need them.

Medicare and Medicaid will not cover any non-medical home care services. However, a long-term care insurance policy in place guarantees comprehensive home care coverage available when they need it.

Know the policy’s provisions

Some insurance companies require you to use services from a certified home care agency or a licensed professional; others allow you to hire independent or no licensed providers or family members. Companies may place certain qualifications — such as licensure — or restrictions on the facilities or programs you can use. Make sure you buy a policy that covers the types of facilities, programs, and services you will want and that are available in your area. Typically, comprehensive long-term care policy covers:

Home care is a type of health care service offered wherever an individual lives. People can receive home care services regardless of whether they are living in their homes, with or without having relatives, or in an assisted living facility. Adult day care: A program outside the home that provides daytime health, social and other support services in a supervised setting for adults in need of help.

Respite care: Temporary contribute to relieving family caregivers.

Stays in a nursing home: A residential facility that provides a full range of skilled medical, rehabilitation, personal care, and daily activities in a 24/7 setting.

Alzheimer care.